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cerini [Speech sound collection]
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-====== NEW E-MAIL: ====== +====== NEW E-MAIL: ====== 
-:!: **Please write exclusively to __[[|]]__. My other mailbox __canepari@unive.it__ has been discontinued.** :!: +:!: **Please write exclusively to __natural.phonetics@gmail.com__. My other mailbox __canepari@unive.it__ has been discontinued.** :!:
 ===== Manifesto ===== ===== Manifesto =====
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-===== Speech sound collection ===== 
-It would be useful to have recordings of the most important regional, social and foreign accents of the following languages which are in great demand for teaching-learning: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, besides: Greek, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, (Mandarin) Chinese, Japanese, Hindi... but others will be appreciated as well. They may concern either broad regional or marked social accents of native speakers, on the one hand, and broad immigrants or marked foreign accents, on the other hand. Larger nations will naturally have several interesting accents. 
-I will be happy to receive any proposals. The recordings could be included on this website and made downloadable (see the **[[en:Italian_sound_files|Italian Sound Files]]** section) by permission of the collectors. 
-In this way, my sound collection could profitably be enriched to allow fuller descriptions (see **[[en:Italian_sound_files|here]]**). 
-Interested people could collect not only the typical accent of their mother tongue, but others as well, and not only for their mother tongue. Coordinated planning, however, is mandatory. If you’re interested, please write to __**[[|]]**__ (my other mailbox __****__ has been discontinued). 
-Also, it would be interesting to identify the most numerous immigrant communities in the nations where the following languages are spoken: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (but, again, others could be included) in order to describe their accents.